$500 Video / Photoshoot / Design

No doubt you’ve heard the “A photo is worth a thousand words” spiel right? Well, if thats true imagine what a 1 minute video could be worth when used properly to communicate with your customer. To help local small businesses realize the benefits of video & social media advertising we decided to create this introductory offer. Denver has an abundance of great small businesses each with their own niche but many of Colorado’s video production companies are catering to the corporate market & fall out of the budget for the little guy!

1 Min. or less Social Media Spotlight


•Initial meeting & brainstorming
•Includes 2 Draft revisions
•Full Rights to Video (Video offer)
•Up to 10 edited photos (Photoshoot offer)
•Up to 8hrs design services (Graphic Design offer)

Hourly Consultation


No two clients are the same, we treat each project individually. We start with your purpose, then if you have a company brand standard we take our time to familiarize ourselves with it to insure we fit a consistent brand message. Most importantly we make note of your goals and put them front and center within the creative process.

Once the concept for the video is in place we will get to work providing you with a storyboard, script(if needed) & a shoot schedule outlining how things should go step-by-step. After the shoot we take the footage back to our editing studio where we stitch your story together frame-by-frame. Lastly we present the final product and give you insight into where to post & points to focus on to insure your new marketing assets success!

Lets get started

Who is Glevity?

We offer affordable, smart, high quality Video, Photo & Design Content to Outdoor & Lifestyle brands! We have a niche that reaches beyond content and extends to Social Media Management, Website Design, SEO & Marketing Consultation Services in the Denver Area.

Our creative oasis nestled in the foothills of Denver, Colorado allows us to access a wide range of clients from the mountains to the city and live the lifestyle they promote.

We are a team of hard working creatives with talent ranging from strategic Social Media content to stunning Video, Animation, Web & Photography. Lets Talk!.

Learn More About Us First


We understand you may be curious about our company & want to do your research, not a problem. You are encouraged to take a look at our process as well as our general creative portfolio. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out, we are very responsive and can usually provide a quote or answer any questions you may have within 24 hours.