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Work  Hard  |   Play  Hard

About Glevity

Before we became a Creative Marketing Agency we started doing freelance creative work back in 2007 we quickly realized that we still had some learning to do, so we studied Design, Business, Film, Print Production, Animation, Web Development ect… all the while trying to stay sane by skiing powder as much as possible. While we were saturating our pallet with creative experience we started to create ski & snowboard videos for the talented people surrounding us, EUREKA! This is when we first coined the company name. Finally in 2014 we decided we had something unique & developed Glevity into the full service Local Denver Creative Agency it is today!

Colorado is the perfect setting for a company focused on working outdoors so we quickly found our market & have been collaborating with other brands ever since. It is safe to say that relocation is out of the question.

Our cast of talent is diverse. Some of us come from in-house marketing for local businesses while others have backgrounds working in nationally recognized agencies. Each member has a unique skill that sets them apart but we take pride in training everybody in all of the services we offer.

Passion is our primary prerequisite. Why choose Glevity?

Practicing what we preach
#LiveHumorously… Even in the office
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Our Core Values

  • Creativity

    The core of good content is creative energy & we have lots of it. Creativity is about expression as much as it is about learning, we embrace that in each other!

  • Adventure

    Going new places and trying things differently is always apart of our process. It keeps us looking forward & thinking of fresh ideas for you, our client.

  • Fun

    Last & the opposite of least, we think this is our defining trait & the a key reason we are set for success! Working as hard as we do without having any fun results in burnout… we are in this for the long game.

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