“Live Humorously”

If there were some corporate motto around the office it would be Live Humorously, a reminder not to take things too seriously and enjoy!
We value our time like a precious resource, because it is.

Glevity Events

Refreshing the creative thrusters, getting a break from screen time, company bonding, ect. Whatever you call it we like to keep things fresh around the office.. In other words we like to get out of the office & outdoors.

In the winter, you will find us pulling long nights just before a powder day & in the summer we might just be making business calls from the seat of a MTN bike.

Of course, the client comes first but as they say..
“Work Hard, Play Hard”

Got What It Takes
To Be A Glevity Ambassador?

Minimum Requirements:

Passion For Stickers & Networking
Kindness / Friendliness

Let us know why you think you should be considered as a Glevity Ambassador. Chances are if you do rad stuff, you will be seriously considered! Join Us!



  • "LiveHumorously" Diecut Vinyl Sticker
    $12 + Shipping
  • Hoodie
    $60 + Shipping
  • "Glevity" Sticker Pack - 25
    $2 + Shipping
  • Large "Glevity" Die Cut Vinyl
    $12 + Shipping
  • "G" Sticker Pack - 25
    $2 + Shipping
  • glevity G
    "G" Die Cut Vinyl Sticker
    $12 + Shipping
  • Glevity Koozie
    $12 + Sipping

Our Ambassador Team

  • Mickey Wilson
  • Tyler Dewitt
  • Matt Foust
  • Brock Dennis
  • Sam Pawlak
  • Brian Trausch
  • Parker Clarkson
  • Cooper Mcnealus
  • Nadia
  • Arnaud Filliat
  • Chase Broten
  • Keith (Fish) Hadyk
  • Matt Hurd
  • Jake Wild
  • Shannon
  • Braden Wahr
  • Will Howard
  • Italo
  • Clif
  • Ruby
  • Mia Barbieri
  • Grimm
  • Everette
  • Dave & Arrow
  • Diego & Kari Castaneda
    A Kick-ass power couple out of Idaho Springs, Colorado

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