One Off Projects

You know what you want & we are happy to provide it.

Typically these types of projects land in one of 4 categories, Video, Photo, Website, or Design.

Our goal is to use this first project to provide some insight in how we might be of use in the future.


How We Work

Set Goals

All relationships need goals, ours should start with well-stated logical goals that can be achieved within your budget.

Develop A Plan

Knowing what your getting before you commit is important. We like to outline the deliverables you should expect along with a full quote so you know EXACTLY what your paying for.


A great plan is meaningless without a focused execution. This is our favorite element of any project because it allows us to flex all of our creative skills, problem solving and all.


"Accommodating, innovative, professional." - Amy Dannwolf (Owner, Powder7)

"I work for the U.S. Forest Service and I had Glevity assist me with a logo for my crew and I can say nothing but good things about this company. Very professional, quick response, understanding, adaptive, etc. The list goes on I was very pleased their service and would recommend them to anyone." - Zach Wesseldine

"We love working with Glevity, they are affordable, responsive and full of good ideas." - Kyle Henley (Owner, Progresh)