Powder 7 Web & Social Content Campaign

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Pow7-Projects-LogoAnimation-FullOnWhite.mp4 from Glevity on Vimeo.

The Purpose

To create a variety of assets for Powder 7 Ski Shop in Golden to be used to educate customers of their products & build brand awareness using:

  • Video
  • Photo
  • Local Social Media Advertising
  • SEO / Web assets

Our Role

  • Director / Producer
  • On-Snow Videography & Photography
  • Shop Expert / Athlete Coordination & Management
  • Post Production / Editing
  • Content Delivery
  • Marketing Strategy Consultation

The Result

Powder 7 has seen a boom in local, social & online recognition as a result of the long term strategy we’ve recommended back in 2016. Between high quality photos and educational product/ lifestyle videos engagement has been on a steady incline. A Great example would be increase sales on products with videos we produced on their respective product pages as well as landing on top of search engine & youtube results for specific industry leading products.