Creative Content

   Professor Jef L. Richards once said “Creative without strategy is called ‘Art’, creative with strategy is called ‘Advertising'”.  Our primary passion is creating fun, dynamic & engaging content.
  We believe the best marketing strategy for Denver ( & all ) small businesses is to embrace quality custom content with a consistent and relevant message. Combining content with the appropriate budget provides an increased probability of converting customers, helping them through the process from discovery to becoming a loyal patron.

Creative Portfolio


Social Media Content/Management

    In todays world of advertising if you aren’t on a variety of social platforms you are missing a vital opportunity to communicate with your consumer. Simply posting iphone photos might cut it to cover the bases but showing off your brand with pride inspires your customers to put their trust in your product. We know how to use video, photo or design to improve sales through social media, our philosophy begins with genuinely understanding your company, its personality & most importantly your target audience.

Case Studies

Digital Strategy Consulting & Brand Development

    What is any great company without a great logo or website?                Exactly.

   If theres one thing we understand about entrepreneurship it’s that it takes perseverance & a DIY attitude… after all, you’ve made it this far, however, we think your time is best spent running the company you’ve built. So, unless you happen to be a graphic designer, photographer, videographer &/or business strategist in the Denver area we’d like the opportunity to become your creative marketing department.

Developing a memorable mark paired with an informative and user-friendly website are the cornerstones of modern marketing. With experience in a variety of different industries & even more individual companies we know a thing or two about finding a winning look+strategy that will produce results.

Our Process

Ways to contact us:

We do our best to keep busy, either with client projects or enjoying our surroundings and expanding our experience within our passions. Giving us a call is strongly encouraged so we can get to know you and your business! Unless we are out-of-service or currently on a shoot/working on a project we are happy to take the call, otherwise an email or a message via social media is always welcome.

First-time meetings for projects or retainers are always free!
( Virtual meetings also available )

Our Process

Every client deserves an approach to marketing that fits their specific needs. Once first contact is made our initial goals are to familiarize ourselves with your business, demographics & your relationship with your customer. Typically our deep experience in multiple industries allows us to adapt quickly to your unique needs, however, there are occasions where it is advantageous to take our time to insure our understanding.

We start with 3 basic questions:

What are your goals?

All great marketing begins with a plan. That plan should include clearly defined goals.

Typically, for example, our suggested goals for a brand awareness campaign via social media would be to increase engagement and followership locally.

Unsure of what your goals are or should be? Don’t worry, we’ll help along the road to understanding them & why they are appropriate.

Define min/max budget

Budget can be a dirty word. In the conversation of ROI & perceived value we don’t shy away from the simple fact that low budget more often than not results in poor performance. On the other hand, throwing money at marketing is not the answer & is likely a waste of capitol.

From the start we stay transparent about how much we need to be able to provide the creative as well as strategy resources to give you a winning campaign.

Hands-on or hands-off?

Do you have a plan in place & you’re simply reaching out to us to execute? We’d call that hands-on.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the resources of a full in-house marketing department we will take care of all of the heavy lifting and minutia.

Obviously we are transparent with all of the details of the process include clients in the brainstorming process while embracing internal ideas.



We get to know you, your company, its history and most importantly how we can leverage influence with your audience to achieve your goals.

Brainstorm & Analysis

This is the part of the process where we begin to outline how we are going to develop a strategy & creative assets for your campaign.

Develop Plan

The last phase of the discovery phase is to set a plan in motion complete with deadlines, logistics & some flexibility, because as Karl von Clausewitz once said “The enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan.”

Create / Production


While we specialize in Photo, Design & Video we will use the latter as our creative example as it is the most involved of the 3 mediums.
We use a similar process for design drafts & setting up details for photoshoots.

Storyboard & Script


We are storytellers, once we have learned your story and how to tell it we put pen to paper and provide you an insight into the final product.

Shoot Schedule


Before we show up for the shoot we need to define things like who will be in the video, what they will do/say, where they will do so & all the while staying on task so to make sure we are efficient & well prepared.

Lights, Camera… Action!


Finally, we get to do what we do best, execute creative. We are confident that you will find that while on shoot we are friendly, accommodating & professional.

Post Production / Editing



The first step in our post production process is to take the best parts of what was shot and align them in a way that starts to tell your story.

Music & Sound Design


Here we curate the tone of the project by choosing appropriate music. On top of the musical element we master ambient sound to enhance to overall experience. If voice-over is requested for the video we then record it in our studio with the selected talent & mix it together with the other elements.



Adding text, logos & graphic overlays to a video can be the difference between a prospective customer choosing your brand or not. We use our design experience to add value with clean & smooth graphic overlays, making you look professional and approachable.



A quality introduction or logo animation can encourage a viewer to watch a video in its entirety, this suggests production quality & helps to gain a viewers trust. Animation can also be a dynamic way to communicate information quickly and clearly.



Equally as important as the sound element, the right management of color dictates visual tone and can give subtle cues to the the audience subconscious about how they can expect to feel & experience the video.



Once editing is complete we do a final viewing to coax out the overall feeling and effect of the viewing experience as a whole. Different minded individuals might perceive the story differently, our goal is to make sure that there is a generally homogeneous consensus resulting from the video. Once we think we have it right, we present the first draft to you, the client.

Review, Publish, Review



We have been known to get creative drafts right on the first try but we understand that there may be changes before publishing a project. With most projects we allow for up to 2 draft revisions within our initial quote.



Once all the details in the creative are perfect we are ready to publish. This is where our planning and strategy make a big difference. Whether we are sending the project through social media or broadcasting nationally we take the time to polish each project to reach its full potential.



The best campaigns can be used & reused time and time again to get maximum value out of the project. Tweaking targeting or correcting copy is an essensial peice of the process.