Logical, Direct & Friendly

Our goal with every client is to lift your brand & tell your story with engaging content.
We make sure you know exactly what you’re getting and why it’s important.

  • Connector.


    We never miss a meeting or a shoot & are always responsive to our clients needs. We are not your aunt’s amateur photographer contact, we are professionals at every step of the process.

  • Connector.


    From homestyle to hollywood, creativity can be fluid, we understand that & keep a focus on consistency in your content while allowing for scale in quality to match your budget.

  • Connector.


    Every client’s needs are different & we acknowledge that. For exactly that reason we customize our services for each project. Sometimes that means simply focusing on the creative & sometimes a project or client will require our full service abilities to specialize their marketing approach.

Why Glevity

Our core values are Creativity, Adventure & Fun.

We regularly flex our creative muscles & are passionate about doing so to the best of our ability for each of our clients.

The adventure of discovering the perfect formula for a client is almost as exhilarating as some of the places that our work brings us to.

Last & not least we embrace a fun & positive attitude while on and off the job.

We have the technical skills and latest equipment necessary to create quality content for your brand.

That means anything from script-writing to drone-footage, professional editing, HD content, and optimization for your social channels.

There’s a calming feeling to putting your project in the hands of someone you trust.

For our clients we strive to be that trusted partner, to deliver the vision they have, and to proudly offer our expertise to grow your business.

No more juggling freelancers and rolling the dice on quality. At Glevity, we do it all and you’ll have a single point of contact.

Full-service means that if you ask,
“Can you do ____ ?”
The answer is usually “Yes.”

Meet team.

Our team has the talent, technical skills, and latest equipment to tackle your project… but those are just prerequisites.

What we’re most proud about at Glevity is our passion, attention to detail, and nimbleness. We’re agile and full-service, with a healthy balance of strategic savvy and consistent creativity.

When we’re not running a video-shoot or managing an AdWords campaign, you can find us on the slopes, at your local brewery, or on the trail. Give us a shout and say hi!

Creative Team

Join us!

Freelance Partnerships

Our network of talented freelancers allows us to offer two things for our clients:
1. Flexibility to adapt our approach to fit their project and timeline.

2. Access to talented specialists, so we can build the best team for their project.

We’re always on the lookout for talented partners looking to build their portfolio and earn some extra work. If you’d like to join our network, send us the following:

  • Samples of your work, such as a portfolio.
  • Your hourly or project rate.
  • Availability and best way to reach you.

Careers at Glevity

Our team is passionate, goofy, and growing. We always like to hear from talented individuals and to meet cool humans, and sometimes we invite them to join our team. To apply, send us your resume and why you’d be a great fit at Glevity. We’ll review it when we are looking to fill a role.

We’re currently hiring for:

-SEO Specialist