Logo Animation

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Animation Reel from Glevity on Vimeo.

The Purpose

First impressions are everything, a good logo animation can be played at the start of any video marketing asset or loop in you brick and mortar store / event booth ect. Our goal is to create a logo animation that will bring your companies logo as well as purpose to life. We can tell you with relative certainty that a customer who sees a professional logo animation is far more likely to trust & therefore watch the video proceeding it.

Our Role

  • Design & plan keyframes
  • We write a storyboard that insures elemental parts of your business are included and explained visually
  • Animate
  • Implement your new logo animation, web, social ect.
  • Deliver a variety of file versions for unique purposes and applications

The Result

A clean, well thought out animation that tells future customers exactly what your business is about within seconds, saving you time to be used creating a genuine connection.