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Sports Photography Evergreen

Ever look through your photos on your smartphone only to realize your thumb was covering the camera the whole time causing you to miss little Suzie's perfect goal!? We specialize in sport/action photography(& video) which basically guarantees you will have the perfect photo to memorialize your child or YOUR accomplishments!

One great side effect of this service is that you can focus on enjoying the moment instead of worrying if the pic you got is blurry or not.


"Pics or it didn't happen"

How will all of your friends know how cool you are if there are no pictures to prove it? We offer the unique service of outdoor photography on the trail or at your favorite ski area. This service has been especially useful for parents of youth looking for sponsorship opportunities allowing them to advance as a professional in their sport.

Case Study "Loveland Freeride Team / Loveland Ski Club | Sport Photography"

Project Partners - Loveland Ski Area

Photographer - Grayson Geiger

Creative Challenge - To capture these future Olympians in their element while keeping up on skis.

Strategy & Expectations - Allow coaches to lead kids to their familiar runs then sending them down to a specific spot on the run or "hit" where we will be prepared to capture them in full glory.

Result - Excited coaches (like Eben Mond on the right) parents and athletes with an array of great content to choose from for their social media pages allowing them to reach out to sponsors with provable ROI on their investment!