Wedding Photo or Video in Evergreen.

Video Starting at $2.5k - 5 Hour / $5k - Full Day 
Photo Starting at $2k - 5 Hour / $4k - Full Day

Getting married in Evergreen, or anywhere in Colorado's mountains was a great choice with venues like, The PinesEvergreen Lake & Mt. Vernon, you can't go wrong. Now you just need an affordable & reliable wedding videographer to capture your special day. We have you covered. With years of wedding experience and dozens of weddings under our belt we understand the commitment you need from us . We would be honored to shoot your wedding and memorialize the day for decades to come. So go ahead, book us today and cross "hire videographer/photographer" off of your to-do list.

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High Quality Pic & Vid - Low Stress Process

Planning a wedding is stressful, we understand. Which is why we have simplified the process to help you feel secure in your choice to hire us. These are the steps we abide by for each client:

  1. Save The Date! (Exchange information with Planner & Venue)
  2. Set up a phone call or meeting to review your preferences and any considerations we should make note of as well as develop a schedule for the day that includes time for the specific shots you request.
  3. Decide time and place for engagement video. We can provide options, you simply choose which works best for you.
  4. "Check In" Email one week before the big day. We will check in with the Venue and Wedding Planner as well.
  5. Lights, Camera.. On the big day we:
    • Show up early to make sure we have done our audio(checking in with DJ & officiant) & lighting tests and worked out any kinks
    • Share the days schedule with the staff, planner and you
    • Action!

We offer custom wedding edits for you to share with family and friends.


"What a nice surprise as my daughters birthday is approaching! Thank you guys! I so appreciate this it looks beautiful!" - Cat Arellano

"I don't know what we would have done without you, thank you so much. Can you send a link for the custom album? I'd love to print these!" - Janice R. Brett
"AHHHH!!! This is the very best thing ever!!!! 😊😊😊😊probably the only thing I pause a UVA basketball game for! I can’t thank you enough for making this happen. What a beautiful way to remember our wedding 🙂 " - Cecily Jacobson

"Oh you did it! That's awesome, thank you so much for helping out before the ceremony and making me look so good!" - Arron Alleto

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