Small Business Videography In Denver

An affordable, quality video to represent your business can be hard to find these days. We hope your search ends here. We have a passion for becoming a tool for small businesses to use as their creative department and marketing arm. With decades of experience in Video & Photography, we can help your business stand out on social media and local network platforms. People search online for EVERYTHING these days, give people an idea of what its like stepping through the front door, meeting your staff or demonstrating your product with a video front and center that summarizes your business!

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Hire Us For Our Passion So You Can Focus On Yours

Grayson founded Glevity as an outlet for his creative passion, that turned into the successful content agency it is today. We hope your business's foundation is as sturdy. Nothing hypes us up more than leaving a meeting filled with inspiration from a client for an upcoming project.

Give us an idea of your needs, a realistic budget to achieve your goals and a good time to meet, we will take care of the rest.

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Case Study "Climb 4 Life | Small Business Video Promo"

Project Manager - Grayson Geiger

Photographer- Grayson Geiger & Anna Norman

Creative Challenge - Within the budget of a monthly social media content retainer tell the story of Lisa Ingle to help promote her Climb 4 Life event.

Strategy & Expectations - Taking advantage of her passion for climbing we wanted to get a quick interview outside(hopefully with a sunset) then get some shot of her climbing to overlay for the voice over of her promoting the upcoming event which Übergrippen Climbing Gym sponsored.

Result - Lisa's amazing story of triumph inspired hundreds of women to participate in the fight against cancer through her event. We were honored to have been apart of this project.

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